Our Quality Management

Quality Management

  • Stage inspection on Die parts
  • 3D Sacning of main insert and sliders by using blue light scaner
  • CMM inspection of all Die parts before die assembly.
  • Die trails.
  • CMM Inspection of Castings.
  • Section Inspection of Castings.
  • Die file for Production reference.

Quality Assurance

  • Die manufacturing Flow chart and Check lists.
  • Component in 3D model.
  • 2D & 3D Comparison
  • DFM Approval from Customer end
  • Customer Approval for Gate design.

  • Die Casting Dies
  • HPDC Dies
  • High Pressure Die Casting Dies
  • Pressure Die Casting Dies
  • HPDC Component
  • Casting Dies
  • PDC Dies
  • LPDC Dies
  • GDC Dies
  • High Pressure Die Component
  • Low Pressure Die Casting Dies
  • Gravity Die Casting Dies
  • HPDC Automotive Component

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